Homemade ice cream can taste great, have limited sugar, and also allows tracking the amounts of calorie intake. Making your own ice cream at home could be one of the better choices when you feel like indulging in sweet treats. It also allows you to choose your flavours and experiment with recipes as you like. The web is full of innumerable recipes that could be tried in order to churn ice cream at home.

Here are some quick tips on how to make ice cream at home.

Health First

When you opt to make ice creams at home, you can choose to make it healthy. With limited sugar content and adding more fruit flavours, you can actually enjoy your ice cream without any guilt. Some recipes that are available online even allow for usage of healthy ingredients like almonds and bananas. If you are lactose intolerant, you can still enjoy ice creams, which avoid dairy usage but can still give a rich and creamy texture. Using seasonal fruits like mango and litchi could be another choice of how you can churn up some healthy ice creams.

Experiment with Flavours

If you start exploring the ice cream varieties that are available across the globe, you will find that there are a number of flavours to experiment with. It will also make for a fun activity if you like experimenting with various flavours. If you are in India, you can choose to make a masala chai ice cream flavour or even the paan ice cream, which has become popular these days. Then there is the thandai ice cream, which uses a variety of dried fruits and even chilli ice cream, which could be new to your palate.


If you are making ice cream for kids, it is best to go for popsicles. These are very easy to make and only require the right kind of flavouring. Popsicles also allow you to explore options other than chocolate. Fruit-based popsicles can also allow kids to enjoy fruits in ice cream form. Summertime usually demands ice cream consumption and in order to avoid packaged and store-bought ice creams, it is best to make popsicles that kids can enjoy.

Whisking and Timing

Making the perfect ice cream, which is creamy and soft, requires a certain amount of skill sets. The perfect texture can be obtained as long as you are able to take care of the multiple whisking procedures as well as the time that you leave it in the freezer to set. Too little time could mean that the ice cream might feel like milk and too much time could mean that it could end up tasting like ice. Also, multiple rounds of whisking give ice cream its perfect texture without making it taste like ice.

Homemade ice creams have their own charm and you can feel the difference when it comes to the sugar levels. You can also treat your guests with some homemade ice cream and feel motivated about trying more of it. Ice cream making does not demand a lot of culinary skills, but it can be fun, experiential, and satisfying.

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