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Marijuana seeds with interesting names are showing up everywhere and it’s obvious for you to get confused with what to buy. There are hundreds of different seeds available and apparently, there are hybrids or feminized versions of the existing strains.

The funky look, grapefruit peel smell, hazy flavor, and many more factors should be considered when buying cannabis seeds. Here is a list of amazing strains, which guarantee the best possible results in terms of yields, bud formation, and smoking effect.

Silver Haze

It’s a pure sativa crossed with Northern Lights and Skunk 1; it’s one of the best selling cannabis strains with strong genetics. It produces heavy buds that smell sharp with a touch of spicy flavor, offering high and powerful body feeling. This hybrid is the favorite of both marijuana consumers and growers alike.

The hybrid version might have come to market recently; however, the original strain is bred by Shantibaba and Neville from Nice Seeds. It has also won many cups in the past and even at harvest festivals. The flavor blends into spicy, sweet mélange, which is known to calm the body and lift spirits.

High combines with stimulation, relaxation, and stone and when crossed with other hybrids, it leaves a touch of Dutch breeding magic. With extra care, this hybrid can be a treat for growers. With enough room given for the roots to spread, it can offer relatively maximum yields. The combination of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze is recommended for experienced growers, who use sea of green method to get high yields.


Without a doubt, Blueberry is one of the most colorful and exquisite marijuana hybrids available in seed form in current market. Originated from the West Coast of the US, this exotic strain takes us to places like Thailand, Panama, Colombia, and Mexico. It has fruity, sweet berry flavor and delicate smell.

The blue strains are known to have superior quality and taste that deliver a long lasting and pleasant euphoric high. It is used for both recreational activities and medical purposes, especially for treating those patients suffering from pain. It has high THC level that produces bunchy buds in more vivid colors.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is known for producing premium quality buds; originated from Netherland, it has a reputation for quality, sophistication, and mastery of the science and technology of breeding. It has won several awards in marijuana cup competitions. It contains higher concentration of THC content.


This internationally known cross breed has won several best indica and sativa titles. This hybrid is known for pungent smell and very strong potency. The sativa dominant has substantial amount of Indica concentration, offering a balanced body and head high.  Easy to grow in both indoor and outdoor environmental settings, it’s the most awarded genetics in recorded history.

White Rhino

A cross between a North American Indica strain and White Widow, it cultivates into stout and bushy plant. It is one of the best varieties of medical cannabis, due to high THC level.  

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