Cultivating cannabis is fast turning out to be an important pastime activity for many Americans and such cultivators are on the constant lookout for seed strains that can produce them a high quality and abundant yield. If you are one of those marijuana growers, here’s your listing of top 5 cannabis seeds strains that every cultivator should try growing at least once.  

cannabis seeds

White Widow

White Widow is a very popular cannabis strain famed for its potent high and energetic, powerful buzz. It is available as a top choice in almost all Dutch coffee shops. This highly resinous marijuana strain with white, large trichomes is considered to be purely a medicine with bittersweet aroma. Caked in white crystals all over the buds, it produces a very smooth smoke. White Widow is undoubtedly a classic among the classic marijuana strains and a must-try for every cannabis grower.

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is one of the mythical and most popular marijuana varieties out there. It is just a standard for reliable and uniform performance with constant genotype that has influenced several modern hybrids from various marijuana seed banks. The strain is easy to grow, which makes it popular among the cultivators. Skunk #1 is a great blend of few of the most tranquil varieties from around the globe. This is a strain that is sure to be experimented with an increased number of cultivators.


No top list for must-try marijuana strains would be complete without listing out the world famous AK-47 cannabis variety. This is a globally popular hybrid variety that has won awards for the best indica and sativa titles. With a pungent smell and very powerful potency, it is ranked among the most well known modern cannabis varieties in the world. Though it is regarded as sativa dominant hybrid strain, one can also find considerable presence of indica qualities, making it a evenhanded head and body high.


cannabis seeds

Regarded as the mother of the supposed Blue family that is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day, Blueberry is popular for its fruity, sweet taste and the bluish color that is developed during the completion of the blooming stage. It produces a pleasant euphoric high that is remarkable and of the highest quality; it is also long lasting. Borrowing its genetics from Oaxacan and Thai varieties, Blueberry is another top must-try for marijuana cultivators.


A very popular and successful strain amongst the outdoor and indoor marijuana cultivators in the market, Critical+ is influenced greatly by Skunk, thus getting an aromatic flavor with plenty of resin. It is an incredible vast producer of big flowers and solid nuggets. The best qualities of Critical+ like quick blooming, ease of manicuring, fantastic quality, and incredible harvest make it a top strain that should be cultivated at least once.

All the cannabis strains listed here have always had an unbelievably great influence on the way in which the genetics of the cannabis world look like today and they are certain to continue with the same.

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